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Free Downloads Page

Downloads are supplied in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat reader available from www.adobe.com

Preview Sheets for Works by Colin Bugby (FREE pdf)
enable you to buy with the confidence in knowing what you are paying for.

Free Preview - Choose piece

Riffs & Dances
An original solo work for Tenor Trombone - FREE (2002)

Free Work - Select Clef

Happy Birthday to You

Download Happy Birthday

How many times has your band been asked to play it? At last legal arrangements now available here only as free downloads. Basic 8 bar arrangements of the famous tune.

Scales and Tonic Chords

Free Scales and fingering charts

Brass instrument fingering/Trombone Slide Positions

Free Scales and fingering charts


Sound Clips

NEW! Recordings by 'Sponjo' - (Sponne School Jazz Orchestra) in Concert, May 2007. MD CVB.
Thank you to John Underwood for recording.

Special thanks to Towcester Studio Band and MD Adele Sellers for recording these demo clips, January 2003.

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